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How much? £££




"How much to prune my tree?"



It's the most common question we get asked....

Also up there is "how much to cut down my tree?"

It's a very difficult question to answer.


This is why ALL quotations will be assessed on site. Equally, you can message images to us so we can give you a rough idea 

of what kind of price we can offer.


Factors to consider:

Size of tree(s) Simply the bigger the tree, usually takes longer to prune etc.


Location: ie commercial property location, next to fences, between a wall and a greenhouse or leaning over the neighbours nice new conservatory that suddenly appeared after you got back from a long holiday... If its more difficult to do the work and takes a long time, the price will increase accordingly.


Access: Alleyways/side access availability, the dragging distance of brushwood/logs, through the property(not recomended), avoiding certain scenic orniments/structures (that can't be moved) Parking for our vehicles etc


Job Specific: Is it a straight forward fell or reduction/prune? Or is it a few days roping down each branch so not to damage anything? Risk is the main element which people don't really take into consideration. If you have a building or structure under the tree, the climber has to take extra care and time to make sure nothing lands near it. Its the difficulty of the job which more than often increases the price.


Quotations: We will quote you for the work discussed and agreed. Prices WILL NOT change once you have recieved your quotation, so don't worry about any extra add ons some companies like to suprise customers with halfway through a job they underpriced. All the same we will only do the work we quoted for originally and will not do any extra work unless a new price has been discussed. All quotations are free!


Correct Pruning: The main problem we have in this industry is that there are a mix of customers who don't know what correct practises of treework are, and equally some tree companies who in turn don't know either!

The amount of trees we see that have been completely butchered and left with scars, rips and no growth points left, is astonishing. The thing is that a customer looks out of their office windows at their freshly pruned tree and thinks, "yeah thats not bad...its definitely smaller...".not realising that firm they have just used has wrecked their tree!

We ensure only top quality work and will discuss with customers how we will achieve that (branch by branch if needed)... Just don't decide you want another 10 foot off the top once the climber has just spent 2hrs reshaping the whole tree. Trust me this does occasionally happen so we will make sure everyone knows what height is agreed beforehand!


Extra info: Because we care about trees, we will recommend to you our professional opinion if you have any doubts what's suitable for the tree, green space or any structural concerns involving roots etc. We will try and save you money where we can and sometimes what a customer wants, might have a huge impact on their tree afterwards. We will advise where we can but the decision is always up to you and we will respect that.

Looking for advice/quote about your trees?

We would be happy to drop by and give you some advice about your trees. Just phone us:


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