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Welcome to Anglo Trees Tree Management! 

Anglo Trees is committed to offering a first rate service and takes pride in the work we do, hopefully making us your first and only choice. 


With so many treecare companies and landscapers, it can be difficult to find one you can trust, not just from a financial point of view, but also from the fact you are trusting someone to do the job using a professional and safe approach. As we pride ourselves in the care and maintenance of your trees, we offer friendly and professional advice about any work you require.


                                                                       "Good? Bad? No Idea?"


The issue about treework, as we have learnt over many years, is sometimes clients do not actually know what is a good standard of practice. Some of the work we have seen from other so called "tree surgeons" can be appalling, but the clients dont realise until it's either too late or they just don't know how trees should be pruned. With us we will guide a client on whatever they would like to achieve and offer our own personal and professional opinion on how to proceed. This in general usually helps the client maintain their garden in the future and saves them money from sometimes unnecessary extra work. 


                                                                     Health and Safety and Legal Issues


We work within all UK law including TPO's (tree preservation orders) which we will contact the council directly to make sure all work is approved and most importantly, legal. Nobody wants to find out after a few months that they are being heavily fined (usually in the thousands of pounds) for having a tree felled without permission. We are Fully Insured for any damage related incidents.


All our staff are fully qualified, receive frequent training and are fully insured. Health and Safety is paramount within the company.

You won't catch us wearing ripped jeans, trainers and a climber hanging on for his life with no roping system up a tree with a chainsaw questionably attatched to his belt!


We abide by strict H&S guidelines which include the basic PPE's of the workplace (i.e hard hats hi visability attire, ear defenders and ballistic trousers). All climbers use high quality ropes and harnesses with protective equipment provided. This is of course a highly dangerous profession and we pride ourselves in keeping risk to a minimum by keeping up to date with the latest technology and advances in treecare.


Having worked closely for councils within London and Hertfordshire for 11 years, we have achieved a good reputation with a continiuing high standard of work and repeat customers. We mainly work in the London boroughs of Enfield, Brent and Hackney in partnership with the council arb officers and tree/parks/housing/highways dept.



What work do we do?


If it has branches, we do it!

As previously stated we will advise you on the correct way to approach any work required.

We pride ourselves in our abilities to prune trees to an exceptionally high standard.

We pollard, combination prune, reshape and remove any tree you require.

We also prune hedges and create new ones out of bushes etc if possible. This includes the topping of conifers and any other evergreen tree. Stump removal will solely depend on access. We will poison the remaining stumps if required.



We remove ALL brush, logs and tree debris and make sure your garden is as tidy as possible.

If the client wants any of the logs or chippings, we can leave them neatly stacked for you.


We use our own lorries and machinery to make sure we are prepared for all types of work!

                                                                              Vehicles and Equipment

As the majority of our work is Council based, we use the most productive vehicles and machinery on the market. We have a small fleet of Transits, Chippers and Lorries to make our job quicker and easier. With the big chippers, we can dispose of the largest amounts of brushwood etc with ease. Also with the lorries, we dont have to constantly tip all the time or be at risk of being overloaded, adding extra time to do jobs and saving you money! All equipment provided for our staff is the best rated in the industry, so we can work efficiently and productivly with no problems.